A legal separation is like divorce in process, but the end result is vastly different. At the end of a separation the parties remain married whereas at the end of a divorce the parties are single. If you aren’t sure which is best in your situation, please contact us for more information. Court orders are necessary to have a legal separation in most cases. Most states do not require a mandatory waiting period before the separation can be finalized. There are four main issues that must be worked out for the court to finalize the separation: property division, spousal support (previously called alimony), and (if there are minor children) custody/visitation and child support. Price Mediation assists clients with start to finish legal separation in California, Oregon, Arizona, and Texas.

  • Price Mediation staff does not give legal advice nor is any attorney-client relationship created or implied.
  • The maximum per party fee is $2,500. If you cannot afford the full payment at this time, please contact us. Clients are never turned away for an inability to pay.
  • The service fee includes drafting, filing, and serving all necessary documents, up to 6 hours of mediation time, two document revisions, and notary services.
  • We encourage both parties to participate, but the case can be moved forward by just one party.
  • Clients must read and sign our service agreement before services begin.
  • If you are unsure if this is the service you need, please contact us before making a payment.

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