Mediation Services

Many clients come to us for assistance with communicating with their partner. They may not know how to ask for a divorce or a post-judgment change in the parenting plan or child support amount. If both parties are willing to work together in good faith to find solutions, mediation may be a good option. We draft, file, and serve your mediated agreement so that no court appearance is needed in most situations. Mediation is nearly always faster and less expensive than going to court. We encourage clients to try mediation before filing with the court.

  • Price Mediation staff does not give legal advice nor is any attorney-client relationship created or implied.
  • The maximum per hour fee is $200 and it generally takes from two to four hours to successfully reach agreement on an issue (two-hour minimum). If you cannot afford the full payment at this time, please contact us. Clients are never turned away for an inability to pay.
  • Commonly mediated issues in family law include:
    1. Custody/Visitation
      • Create or modify a parenting plan.
    2. Child Support
      • Establish or modify child support.
      • Calculate child support amounts or arrears using court-approved software.
    3. Spousal Support (Alimony)
      • Establish or modify spousal support.
      • Calculate spousal support amounts or arrears using court-approved software.
    4. Property
      • Characterization of property (separate or community/marital property).
      • Division of property.
      • Marital balance sheet.
      • Declaration(s) of Disclosure.
      • Reimbursements.
      • Real property valuation.
      • Business valuation.
      • Moore Marsden calculation.
      • Smith Ostler calculation.
      • Unique property types: stocks, restricted stock units (RSUs), cryptocurrency (crypto), non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
      • Preparation of Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO).
    5. Settlement
      • Settlement negotiations./li>
      • Marital settlement agreement.
      • Stipulated judgment.
  • Mediation services are included in our start-to-finish services: see Divorce, Separation, Parentage, or Guardianship.
  • If you are unsure if this is the service you need, please contact us before making a payment.

Please complete the form below and use the attached link to make a payment of $400 for MEDIATION.